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Following her Bliss: Molly Wills, Founder of The Waverly Project

Following her Bliss: Molly Wills, Founder of The Waverly Project


Tell us a bit about yourself! 
Hi girls!! I am a 30 year old entrepreneur who is obsessed with crafting, writing, baking, and being active. I'm a California girl at heart, or any beach spot for that matter! I have two siblings, who are my best friends, and a tuxedo cat named Teddy Bear. New York and Sydney are my 2 favorite cities in the world and I love nothing more than getting dressed up and going out for dinner! My favorite foods are wings, Tacos and fries/potatoes. Oh, I’m Irish with lots of freckles and if I had to choose between makeup or not? I wouldn’t wear any. 
What is The Waverly Project? What inspired you to start it?
The Waverly Project creates customized creative experiences that inspire girls to connect with role models and passions. For example, I'll take girls to visit a fashion house ( I. E. Ralph Lauren) to meet a designer with a round table chat, tour the facility and then do custom DiY project. I started The o  Project because I have a passion for people and all things design, so after working in fashion for a few years I found myself dreaming up my own business- this is what I came up with! 
Walk us through a day in the life!
I usually wake up super early, like 5:30 or 6am, on a good day. I have coffee immediately and meditate/pray for 45 minuets! Real. It sets the tone for my day and is an immediate way to receive inspiration. Then I open my laptop and respond to emails/organize all social platforms. Then I have my daily meetings with interns. I’m not crazy about lunch so I usually have a bar or smoothie. Usually, I’ll tend to have a meeting outside of the office or a call. For dinner? I'll go to my parents a lot of the time or out with friends. 
What's are some of the biggest lessons you learned in your 20s?
Good Relationships are KEY to a happy life. In order to be the best you can be to those around you you need to know who you are. It’s a process. Be specific in who you hang out with. Choose wisely. Live way you know is best for you soul. No one else’s. 

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by strong, graceful women. I am inspired by people who pave their own way. Currently I adore Dominique Crenn: a French chef who was adopted at 18 months by an exceptional family. She moved from France to San Francisco to open a restaurant. She treats her work as I do; a way to connect with people and in that create joyful, pinch worthy moments. I really look up to the Katherine Hepburn and Audrey Hepburn (not related) because they were original and spicy, the two best combinations because everyone's comes out differently!

Best advice you've ever received?
Learn to say no. 
Where do you see The Waverly Project in 5-10 years?
I see The Waverly Project in cities all around the world with a major girl/women's network combined, along with insane merchandise and pop up stores! 
What's on your bucket list?
I want to sky dive, sail across the pond, learn a language, live in a foreign country for a bit and open a cafe. 
If you could go back in time and do anything different (with your business), what would it be and why?
I would have majored in business and took a job in finance to ground myself that way. It’s taken me a bit longer figuring it out...but I’m also grateful for the learning curve. 
Favorite pieces by f.y.b? 
ALLLLL OF YOR CHOKERS. I WEAR a piece everyday. I also wear the pearl mini bracelet everyday with a heart charm as a reminder to be open and loving always. I could go on and on. 

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