$ 11.00

description: natural lip and body moisturizer, providing smooth and soothing healing for dry skin. when applied as a lip balm, this natural remedy also plumps the lips with refreshing peppermint tingle

ingredients: coconut oil, candelilla wax, shea butter, cold-pressed/unrefined extra virgin olive oil, argan oil, vitamin e, and peppermint oil

use: use on lips and body! wait for tingle

size:  .3oz/8.5g

Packaging: 100% compostable and biodegradable

buju skin is a small-batch skin care company that makes natural and all purpose balms with simple and sustainable packaging.  our name   bǔ jiù, or buju means “remedy” in chinese. we believe that the best remedies for healing, rejuvenation, and radiance, come from the natural world. that is why each of our handmade balms are created with natural and pure ingredients.
buju founder, maxine petry, started making natural skin care products. with her mother, who immigrated to the us from hong kong. through the practice of creating their own products, maxine learned the benefits of using simple, natural ingredients for healthy and ageless skin.  buju follows eastern philosophies, relying on the natural world for one's health and beauty.