Quiz: Which bliss bracelet are you?

Posted on 21 September 2018


Want to know your bracelet spirit animal? Take our fun quiz, inspired by our Empowerment Collection, to find a bracelet that matches your vibe! Are you the protector of the friend group or are you the fun friend who always has plans? Are you the hopeless romantic or are you the trend-setter with her own style? Take the quiz to find out! 

1. You are the ________ in the friend group?

A. Calm friend
B. Dreamer
C. Mama Bear/Protector
D. Fun friend
E. Hopeless Romantic
F. Unique Friend
G. Cheerleader Friend

2. You're always....?

A. Resolving situations in your friend group
B. Having big ideas and believe the sky is the limit
C. Standing up for your friends and yourself
D. Smiling and make sure everyone is included
E. Rooting for love and whirl wind relationships
F. Doing your own thing
G. Pushing your friends to be the best they can be and lift them up when they are down

3. You are....? 

A. Always happy
B. A great friend
C. Always sheding light on a situation
D. Always making plans for you and your friends 
E. A big believer in self care and love
F. Creative and always have new ideas
G. Full of spirit and always cheerful

4. You always…?

A. Give off positive vibes to everyone around you.
B. Push your friends to do well and to never under estimate themselves
C. Can make even the bad seem good.
D. Have something fun for your friends to participate in
E. Are reminding your friend how amazing they are
F. Are the person your friends go to if they are feeling uninspired
G. Encouraging your friends

If you selected mostly A's then congrats, you are the "You are sunshine, Ivory Howlite" bliss bracelet!

Ivory Howlite is a calming stone that brings inner peace to its wearer.

If you selected mostly B's then congrats, you are the "Visionary, Turquoise" bliss bracelet! 

Turquoise is known as the stone of abundance, joy, and friendship. 

If you selected mostly C's then congrats, you are the "Live Inspired, Black Onyx" bliss bracelet!

Black Onyx is a powerful protection stone said to absorb the negative energy of people to release mental stress and promote emotional well being.

If you selected mostly D's then congrats you are the "Good Vibes, White Quartz" bliss bracelet!

White Cloudy Quartz is a stone known to bring calmness and peace to its wearer. 

If you selected mostly E's then congrats, you are the "Be Bold, Rose Quartz" necklace!

Rose Quartz is the stone of love. It is said to aid intuition and emotional balance, comforts the heart from all wounds, and enhances both self love and romantic love, positive outlook, joy, and oneness.

If you selected mostly F's then congrats, you are the "Powerful, Pink Rhodonite" bliss bracelet!

Pink rhodonite is a stone of inner growth and self-love. It works beneficially on the heart chakra, opening one to unconditional love and increased service to mankind.

If you selected mostly G's then congrats, you are the "You've Got This, Amethyst" bliss bracelet!

 Amethyst enhances your intuition and is a stone of freedom, action and spirit. 
Hope you found the bliss bracelet you need in your stack next. 
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